Q.  What is your shipping time?

A. All of the pieces are custom & hand made by me. It will usually take 1-2 weeks to create your order. However, during holiday times it can be longer.  When your order is ready it will ship out USPS First Class Mail.

Q. What if I need my order sooner?

A. I can rush your order for a an additional fee, it just depends on the piece itself. 

Q. Will you notify me when my order is shipped?

A. You will receive an email notification letting you know your order has been shipped.

Q. Can I just order the charm with out the chain?

A. I'm sorry but all of our pieces go out with a chain. We will only mail out a "finished piece".

Q. Can I add another charm to my necklace in the future?

A. Yes, I'd love to add on another charm. Please send me your necklace and I will polish it and add on the additional charm to your necklace. Just email me and I'll make a custom listing for you. 

Q. Do you do refunds? 

A. If we have made mistake such as misspelled a word, then we will replace the item. You must mail back the original piece. If you are just not happy with the piece, and it is a custom order, we cannot issue a refund.  

Q. I would like something different than you have shown, can you make it for me?

A. Yes, I'd love to make a custom piece for you. Contact me and we can go over the details to make that special piece for you.

Q. Will my letters be aligned perfectly and look exactly like the picture?

A. No, each piece is unique and hand stamped by me, there is no machine used.  Due to the nature of the way this piece is made there will be some slight variations. I try to make each letter I stamp perfectly, however there may be some letters that are not aligned up exactly. This should not be looked at as a flaw but rather part of it's charm. Your necklace will be one of a kind.

Q. Will my order be gift wrapped?

A. Each piece will be in a beautiful box tied with ribbon.

Q. What type of metals do you use?

A. Mostly sterling silver but some pieces are in copper, aluminum and nickel silver.   

Q. How do I care for my jewelry?

A. We recommend that you do not get your jewelry wet. You should keep your jewelry in  a zip-top bag that comes with your order when you are not wearing it. 

If your jewelry is looking a little worn, you can polish it up with a soft jewelry cloth. You can find them in stores like Target/Walmart. 
You should NOT put your pendant in a jewelry cleaning dip/solution, this can remove the patina on your pendant.
However, you can put your chain in the jewelry cleaning dip. 
You can also use a very fine steel wool that will brush it up nicely. Use only #0000 fine steel wool. 

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