Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Showering Moms with Love In May!! - Meet Aldonsa

The first Mom that I am featuring is Aldonsa, she is such a wonderful mother and she sacrifices so much for her family. She is strong and determined to give her best to her family.

Hi, my name is Aldonsa Perez, I’m a mother of two. A beautiful, smart, athletic and very stubborn ten year old girl, and a three year old who is a very active boy who thinks that it's funny to climb up anything that’s taller than him and jump off from it. I truly believe that he is going to be a stunt double in all kinds of movies.

I met my husband at a very young age and had my daughter very young too, I went to college for just a year and it was too hard for me so I dropped out.  You see I was born here in the U.S. but grew up in Baja California, Mexico, till I was twelve years old and even with the English classes I could barely read English let alone speak it. It’s been ten years since then but I plan to return when my son is on  pre- school next spring and graduate in business administration. 

I’m a stay at home mom who also is an Avon representative now who’s been in the business for more than five years and I love it. My life now consists of  PTO meetings, soccer practice (soccer games twice a week), music practice, swimming practices and swimming meets.  I love being there for all of my kids activities… even if I don’t get to sleep in the weekends. Don’t get me wrong,  I would like to go on dates, have a day off from the kids with my husband, but all of our family lives three hours away, so you just have to make an extra effort. It is hard to do all those thing every week but if you have someone like I do who is there for you to help you stand, when you need it, someone to lean on, someone who believes in you, nothing is too hard. We all have someone, it could be your husband, could be your mom, your friends or a  family member, even your own kids. 

Everything is possible if you truly believe in yourself. I mean just five years ago it was still really hard for me to speak English now I’m the PTO president, and Co- Chair of the Environmental Committee at my daughter’s school, it might not be big to you but I am the first bilingual president the school has ever had. I brought countless Spanish speaking parents to our meeting and encourage them to speak out even if is hard to do so. We all have to start somewhere and keep moving forward without looking back, because if you don't you’ll never move forward. 

I look at my daughter everyday and I love the way she thinks and is always coming up with ideas to better the world, it makes me so proud of her…tells me we are doing something good. 

One of the things we love as a family is to play soccer  and go to my daughter’s soccer games, even my three year old gets all exited during the games. I guess I’m a true Latina at heart because of that and the fact that I can not go a day without any music, and my Roxy is the same way. My husband and son love to work on cars all the time not sure if it's a guy thing, lol. 

I got to say I really admire Regina for taking the huge step and opening her shop, I would love to have my own business one day. I love to bake so it would be a pastry shop. That is why I love to shop at Regina’s. She is an outstanding mom, and a good friend . 

I think my favorite piece is the one she made for my mother- in -law. She engraved her grandkids name (five by the way) with their respective birth stones. It is beautiful & my mother-in-law loved it, she wears it all the time. I’m sure you will all love her designs too, if you haven’t ordered any, you should, they are beautiful. 

I hope you all liked my story and that you all keep looking forward into the future not into the past. Have a very happy mother’s day!

Aldonsa Perez

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