Monday, May 5, 2014

May Monthly Wishes

There are many times where I have had  goals and things that I plan on doing but sometimes I get distracted with life, being a mommy and just plain forgetting about them. So I thought I could post my monthly goals  here so I can look back to see if I accomplished them. Also, I thought I could share throughout the month on how I'm doing with them. So on to the goals…

1. I know, I know I always say it but I'm going to say it again... I plan on blogging more. I need to,  I've said it before but it is important to me. I have some ideas for May that I want to share here on the blog. So I'm hoping I can get that going here pretty soon. 

2. Take more pictures to document our journey. I love taking pictures and I've really been slacking lately.

3. Fill up the shop. I have many designs I've done and haven't listed. I will work on listing them.

4. Healthly lifestyle. Lately, I have been making small improvements in this area and want to continue to. I've been making healthier choices but I need to incorporate exercise. Right now I'm pretty active in that I'm not always sitting. I'm always on the go with kids and walking a lot. But I think I need to do more. I'm thinking blogilates and walking 3x a week. We will see. 

5. Work on Desi's graduation party. Oh my, I can't believe this will be happening next month. 

So this is what I got.  There is so much more that I need to do and want to do. However, I think if my list is really long it will be overwhelming for me and I might just chuck the whole thing.... I need baby steps.

Ok, that's the plan. I hope I can do this.
Sounds easy enough right? Ok, now guys it's your turn. What are your plans for making this May

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