Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

So about 2 years ago, when I first started using Pinterest, I uploaded the pic of the boys as the Lorax. I never wrote about how I made their costumes, but people re-pin it all the time. So I thought why not share how I did it. It is super simple and I'm sure there is any easier & better way but this is what I did.

It was the afternoon before Dr. Seuss' birthday and the boys said that they did want to dress up as the Lorax for school the next morning. So I started scrambling driving to stores to find what I could to pull it together. There are no step by step pictures as I did this in a hurry and wasn't planning on blogging about it. But I think it's pretty easy enough. This is what I came up with.

Michael is on the top and Jimmy is on the bottom. 

For Michael's costume:
 I found this orange zip up jacket at a thrift store. 
I glued yellow felt on the hood for the eyebrows.
(Yes, I glued with a hot glue gun. I don't know how to sew)
Then I glued a yellow felt mustache on to a piece of elastic.
I got the template for the mustache and eyebrows from here.

For Jimmy's costume:
I just got a orange t-shirt.
(I couldn't find 2 orange zip up jackets.)
Then I glued a yellow felt mustache on to a piece of elastic.
For his hat: 
I got a beanie put it on a ball and glued yellow felt on it. 
In the morning, I had him put it on and 
I used safety pins in some areas to make it more secure.
(While on his head.)
 It sounds crazy and very unprofessional but I had to improvise. 

The kids loved it! 

Now off to make my little guys costume! 

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