Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life Lately

These past few weeks we have been trying to adjust to the new routine. We are back at school and there are no more care free sleep in days. Let me tell you it is not only an adjustment for the kids but for me too. Gabriel started kindergarten, which leaves me home with Daniel. I love that we get some one on one time together but we are still trying to find a routine. He misses his best buddy. As for Gabriel, he is still adjusting to waking up early and being at school all day. Kindergarten at our school is a full day not half day, so when the afternoon hits he is grouchy.

The Kindergartner

The Middles schoolers

Plus Gabe, he was so excited for his first day, he wanted to be in all the pictures. 

 The Senior

On Friday we went to the Harvest Crusade.

We heard some great music and a sermon from Pastor Greg.

On Saturday we went to the Dodger game.

Which started off great because this little guy slept until the top of the 9th. 
(Side note: He is two and he can't sit still)
I love him to pieces but this mama needed a little break after the crusade event, which he was a busy little bee. 

Love this guy!! Those are his thumbs up. :)

Ahh.......and here is Daniel after his lovely little nap. 

As you can see the first week of school was busy with jumping back into school routine plus we still had some events schedule. was a hard week.

But lately we have still been just trying to adjust to the school schedule. It is really hard, with Dad's work schedule, the kids schedules, after school activities and the business. It's been a challenge and I'm just holding on. JUST BREATHE..., right??

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daniel's Speech Therapy

Daniel has always being very laid back when it has come to his milestones.  When he was born he took his time trying to learn how to latch on to nurse. But he eventually caught on. When it came to cooing, smiling, even his first roll overs, sitting up, crawling and walking, it was all in his time. Not in the time that the books all said he was supposed to. He was always off about a few weeks up to a month on some milestones. Daniel just wasn't in any hurry. Which I kept saying it's fine because I didn't want to rush him as he is likely my last baby {He is baby #5, if you didn't know}. So I want to enjoy his babyness.....(I'm not sure if that's even a word, but I'm going with it).

However, I could see his pattern and  I began to get a little worried as when it came time to talk. You see he was babbling but not very often. He has a very quiet, sensitive and shy personality. He is similar to his older brother, Jimmy who had a speech delay when he was three. Jimmy babbled more but we just couldn't understand what he was saying. We signed him up for Speech therapy through the school district (which was a challenge to get him accepted in to the program, more on that experience later) and started the program. He was blessed with an awesome therapist who helped him. He has since graduated from the program last year at the age of 8.

My sister told me about this program that could help Daniel. They come to your house every week and work with him and it's free!! I didn't even know there were programs available to help with speech at 19 months old, let alone that they come to your home for free!! Oh my!! I was so happy, that just maybe someone could help us with Daniel and that we wouldn't have to wait to get help until the age of 3.

So we called & made the appointment for an evaluation to see if he qualified. They would evaluate him to see if he really needed any help at all. So I took him to the office and I was nervous. Part of me wanted him to qualify but at the same time it would mean he was behind. I didn't want him to be behind, but if he needs help I want him to be able to get the help he needs. I had a mommy feeling that I knew he needed the help but part of me was hoping I was wrong.

So they evaluated him in:
cognitive skills, fine & gross motor skills social skills, language (expressive and receptive) skills and self help skills.
He scored low in some of the areas.
So they were going to send someone to help in all areas that he was behind in. The following week after the evaluation we started his sessions with a sweet and patient therapist.

I wanted to share this with you because this is a chapter in our story and
I want to record it.

Also, sometimes as mom's we can second guess ourselves and not listen to our instincts. If you have a mommy feeling it's always good to listen to it. There are times when I should have listened to my feeling rather than someone else. Remember you know your child better than anyone, listen to your instinct.

Daniel has been in ST for 6 months now and we can see lots of improvement. He still has a long way to go and it can be frustrating at times, but he'll get there, all in his timing.

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