Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching up

Hello, Hi! it's been awhile. I'm still here, just trying to keep up with the kids and just life. So I wanted to catch up here and share some photos....(ok a lot of photos) of what we've been up to.

  April, May & June are all busy months around here. The past few months we've celebrated birthdays anniversaries, Mother's Day & Father's Day. But May was the hardest month as we said good-bye to my Grandma, she had been sick for a very long time and we knew that she would soon be going home to be with the Lord.... but it was still hard saying good-bye.
    The beginning of June was busy the kids had testing at school, field trips, award ceremonies, and preparing for the last weeks of school. Which means school parties and teacher gifts. Also my little shop was blessed with orders for Father's & Mother's Day. Whew.....it's kind of exhausting just thinking about all that.  

Ok, so on to the photo's.

We had a mini vacation for Mother's Day weekend at this beautiful resort in Las Vegas. 

We relaxed and hung out at the pool which had some pretty cool slides and enjoyed the quietness. 

Mother's Day evening my hubby took us to see Disney on Ice.
Which we've never seen, so this was pretty neat to see.  

We went with Jimmy on his field trip to Olvera St. The kids went on a scavenger hunt and asked the vendors for the prices of items in Spanish. Once they completed their assignment, we were able to explore on our own.
It was a pretty cool field trip. 

And since Desi was out of school already, she was able to join us.
Which was such a blessing so she could help with the littles. 

We went to our first Dodger game of the year.

 It was giveaway day at the stadium.
 So the boys were happy with their new arm sleeves. 

A great day with the family.

And of course we had to throw a few Disney adventures in between all the craziness. 

I love how California looks when it's lit up at night. 

I made these cute keychains for the boy's teachers for the end of the school year gifts.  
I really loved how they turned out. 

In June my Jimmy turned 10!
 I can't believe how fast time flies by. 

We had his party two days after school let out. 
My sister-in-law who lives in Nevada came to visit with us for a week 
so we had the cousins
here for the party. 

Had fun playing games. 

Watermelon eating contest.

Water ballon toss. 

Disneyland fun with the cousins!!

Celebrated Jimmy's birthday at Disneyland.

 Daniel is getting braver and now walks over to the characters.
He use to run from them.

Then we ended June with a family vacation with my side of the family. 
I'll share more about that vacation later. 
So that is it a little peek of our June. 

How's your summer?

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