Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Grandpa's Birthday!!

Last weekend we celebrated my Grandpa's birthday! He turned 94!! Can you believe it? I think he looks pretty good. He is always moving around and trying to stay busy. I think he is pretty hip he even wears converse shoes! I told him I liked his shoes and he said "thank you, they were only $4.00 from my favorite store" (the Goodwill). He's a great bargain shopper :)

Check out the converse shoes ^^

I love this photo of him and I.

Here are some pictures of him and Daniel. I couldn't believe Daniel went and hopped on his lap.  So I quickly grabbed my camera to take these shots. Melt my heart!!

Daniel soon spotted me and gave me a little smile.

                                 I love you Grandpa and hope you had a Happy Birthday!!

I know that these moments we have with him I will keep in my heart forever.

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