Monday, March 4, 2013

Daniel is 18 months!

My little sweet Daniel turned 18 months in January,
I can't believe how fast time has flown by.
I know it's late for this post but
I really wanted to document his milestone.
Some mom's can't wait for their baby/toddler to reach their next milestone
but for me it is kinda of bittersweet.
Maybe because I know we are ending this stage and
I possibly won't be in this stage of parenting again.
I want to SAVOR the moments I have with him in this stage.
I know that in a blink of an eye he will be such a big boy.

So I wanted to share what you have been up to lately. You are a very curious little guy, always thinking and exploring. You don't say many words, actually about 4 that we could understand. Dada, hola, bye and Gaaa, which we think Gaaa is for Gabriel or Grandma. 

You love to eat, you will run and sit on Dad's lap at the table even if you have already eaten. 
You like to sit with him and eat again. You don't like to sit in your high chair anymore, I think it is because you a want to eat on the go. 
Some of your favorite foods right now are: spaghetti, yogurt, pizza, eggs, rice, beans, green beans apples, bananas & toast. 

You love your sister and brothers. You try to copy what they are doing. I'd have to say Gabriel is your best friend and I hope you two will always be very close. It melts my heart when I watch you two play together. He is very protective over you. 

 You can be so sweet and gentle at times, but can definitely let us know when you want to be heard.
The temper tantrums have begun. I'm not sure if it's more because you are frustrated and don't know how to talk to us to get our attention or perhaps it is just the age.......maybe both.

We still haven't gotten you a professional haircut yet. We tried but you screamed before we were even tried to start. Grandma has trimmed a little bit of your hair but that is about it.

You know some of your body parts such as nose, eyes, ears, head, hands, hair, feet, mouth, teeth and tummy. When we ask you where is _______? You will point.

You love to go outside and play. You love to explore, run and climb.
You love your Dad a lot, there are many times that you will chose him over me.

You love to snuggle and give hugs. Your hugs are so sweet and I love when I see you run up to give your sister or brothers a hug. It truly melts my heart. I hope that you will continue to snuggle because 
they are truly the best. 

 Each day you are changing and learning something new. I'm so happy to see all your new discoveries with you. I love how you run to look for me when your frightened. I am honored to be the one to protect you and make you feel safe. I love your smile and hearing you laugh. Your eyes light up when you've seen something for the first time or made a new sound. It is just so precious to see your excitement in your face.  I am blessed by God that He chose me to be your mama.
I love you so much, Daniel!

Love, Mama

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