Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Sunday Afternoon

A few weeks ago Desi came and 
asked if she could do my hair & make-up. 
Actually, she always asks 
and we are always busy running out the door 
so we've never made the time to do it.
The little boys were taking a nap, 
the older boys were watching a movie
it was the perfect time. 
The pictures are not great but that's not important.
They are taken with my phone, 
the lighting is bad 
I wanted to capture the moment.
It wasn't the hair style or
the make-up that was important
but the quality time 
I was spending with her...
....just me and her
with no interruptions.

When she was fixing my hair, 
I was reminded of all the years
I had done her hair when she was a little girl. 
Now, she was old enough to do mine.
We talked about make-up, hair styles, 
friends and just life.
I listened to her talk about what her dreams and goals are. 
It was nice....really nice.
I will remember this Sunday afternoon forever. 

We didn't go anywhere except the bathroom 
and it was so much fun,
just to hang out with my best friend. 
Desi is growing up to be such a Godly, wise young girl, 
she inspires and amazes me.
I know that my days are short with Desi being a teenager, 
she will be an adult soon.   
Before you know it she'll have her own life.
I plan to enjoy these teenage years with her. 
I am so proud of who she is and of who she wants to become.

A blessed Sunday afternoon that will always be cherished. 

P.S. She did a great job with my hair & make-up :)

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