Monday, January 7, 2013

December Highlights

December flew by and now we are in January. Here are a few highlights of our December, I know pictures of December in January...... I'm kind of behind. It is really for me, having this blog is a way for me to document our memories and keep in contact with our family.

WARNING!!! Keep in mind this is going to be filled with a lot of pictures.

I have my new planner! Love this. I need a planner and I am so pleased with this one. It holds so much information but at the same time it is small enough to fit in my purse. Need to be organized this year. 
Love, Love  it!!

We take the kids every Christmas break to Knotts Berry Farm. My hubby gets a discount every year around this time. Which is perfect since the kids are on vacation. So it has become a family tradition. 

However, it is extremely busy this time of year at the theme park, so we try to let the kids pick the rides they really want to go on. We do see Snoopy on Ice every time and it is always so beautiful. 

Then of course we have to go to Disneyland, it is so beautifully decorated for Christmas and we even saw Santa Claus there.

Daniel couldn't take his eyes off of Santa, I thought for sure he'd cry. But he he sat there and just starred at the big jolly man in red.

The photographers asked my hubby and I to join in the picture. Which is kind of neat since we've  never taken a picture as a family with Santa.

And of course a few trips to Disneyland during the kids Christmas break. 

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my hubby's family this year in Las Vegas. It was a short but sweet visit as we had to drive back home to California to have Christmas dinner with my side of the family. 

Had lots of fun visiting with the cousins.

My sweetest sister-in-law had crafts for the kids to do. We made these cute carolers and hand stamped ornaments. I forgot to take picture of the ornaments but I will just tell you that it was a challenge to get Daniel to do his. But they still turned out cute.

Then we opened presents with our cousins. 

We woke up early Christmas morning and headed back to California. 

Came home and saw all the wonderful presents Santa left for us while we were away. 

The kids exchanged their Secret Santa presents that they gave to each other. Every year we put the kids names in a hat and they pick out a name and buy a present for that person with their own money. On Christmas they stand up and say something nice about the person they got.

Later we went to have dinner with my side of the family and had lots of yummy treats with homemade Hot Chocolate.

My Mom always makes such a wonderful dinner.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, but Gabriel thought we were singing to Michael since he was standing in the front of the cupcakes.

We played lots and lots and lots of board games durning the kids vacation.

This year I think our favorite was Clue. 

And of course had to squeeze in some more Disneyland fun. Oh how we love Disneyland. 

And through the whole month of December most of us were sick with a cold. Some of the kids got it twice, I got it several times.......lets just say, I was sick the whole month. But there was only one person who some how did not get sick.......and the winner was Dad. I don't know how that man didn't get even a cold. So there you have it some highlights of our last month in 2012!
I think it was a great December. 
Whew.....I think I'm caught up now :)

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