Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Here is a look at our Halloween this year.
 With everyone being busy with cross country, guitar and Tae Kwon Do practice we ended up carving our pumpkins the night before Halloween.

Actually we bought them the night before at the grocery store. Take a look at that price .29 a pound.
So much cheaper than our local Pumpkin Patch and especially when you need to buy 5!!

And here are the big kids pumpkins carved and the little guys painted theres.

And here is our annual pictures with the kids and there pumpkins.

This year we went as the Avengers.
Here is Jimmy as Hawk Eye.

And Desi as Black Widow.


Michael went as the HULk. Doesn't he look scary?

But my little  sweet Daniel went as Winnie the Pooh inside a Pumpkin. All my little boys have worn this costume and I had to continue with the tradition.

It was so hard to get him to stay in one place and smile for me. I had to be quick and chase him around. This is the best picture I could get.
Here is some of the before shots.

No interest in looking up at all!

Still not looking....

Trick or Treating

I hope you all had a great Halloween!!
Lots and lots of candy to hide now.

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