Monday, October 29, 2012


My Monday.
This weekend was busy with parties and I was looking forward to hanging out with the littles this morning.
To just relax.
Before the after school rush of guitar practice, tae kwan do practice, dinner, homework  and cross country practice.
We have carpool with our neighbors which is AWESOME since the boy's school is 15 min. away from where we live and gas prices are through the roof.
Well that didn't happen.

20 min. after the boys left for school, I get a call that one of them forgot their project.

So of course I take it to them.... which I know isn't bad, it happens to all of us, but still such a pain.
Afterwards the littles and I run some errands.

My laundry from the weekend is still sitting in the baskets....looking at me.
Which 4 baskets still need to be folded and put away.

The kitchen is still a mess even though I cleaned it this morning from our busy weekend.
It can seem endless.

But you know what,
I truly Love it all.
I love that I able to be home with the kids
and take them to their after school activities.
I love that I'm here
and able to come to the rescue when they have forgotten their projects at home.
And need me to take them their projects that they have been working on for days.
That I'm able to see them break their boards at Tae Kwon Do.
That I'm there when they come running to tell me that they can play La BamBa on the guitar and it actually sounds like it!!
I love that I'm the first person they see after school and they are so happy to tell me about their day.
I love listening to their stories.

I'm blessed to be at home with them.
I wouldn't trade being a mama for anything.

A busy Monday but we survived!

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