Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!

My Little Gabriel you are FOUR!
I can't believe how fast you are growing up.
I remember when you were a little baby snuggling in my arms.

Oh... I still remember your tiny little hands and feet.

This year has really flown by. You are growing up so quickly before my eyes.

Here are some things about you.

1.You are such a charmer.

2.You have a good heart and can be so sweet.

3. I love how you play so nicely with you little brother. You are doing such a good job at being a big brother!!

4.You love to dress up in your superhero costumes and pretend to be them.

5. I love when I ask you how much you love me, you say,"I love you 10"!

And I say," I love you to the moon and back."
You say, "I love you to moon and earth."

Some of your cute phrases that you call me are:
"Hello darling!"
" Hello sweetheart"
"Hello young lady"

6. I often wonder how old are you. You can seem so wise at times! Lately, you have been asking me if you are being a good boy.
This week you asked me if Jesus is watching you and I said, "yes, he is always watching you."
Then you said,"why, I'm a good boy?"
I told you that Jesus is watching over you to protect you and to see if you are being a good boy.
You said, " Well I'm a good boy so he can watch over me to make sure I'm safe, that will be fine."
You seem to be really trying to be good.
And just so you know, you are a good boy.

7.You are not shy and are very out going. You have a ton and I mean a TON of energy. I wish you'd give me some. You are very confident and never scared to try.  There are many times I wish I could be like you.

8. You love to dance to any type of music.

9. You love to talk and tell me stories.

10. You love to snuggle & give kisses.

I'm so happy & blessed to be your mommy!
I love you with all my heart. We ALL do!

Happy 4th Birthday Gabriel!


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