Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daniel's 1st Birthday Party!

I can't believe my baby is turning one! I know I always say this but time flies by. This is why I try to cherish and live in the moment because it is just that, a moment. So I wanted to share Daniel's first birthday party.

I made Daniel a Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday party! I love reading that book to my kids and they love it too. I think it turned out so cute. I found so much inspiration on..... Pinterest...... where else! And this made my party planning so much easier! There were great ideas from so many bloggers and I will list their sites so you can see the original idea.
Rachel had some GREAT printables that saved me so much time! Her party for her little guy was adorable so head on over to Rachel's blog. Also from Tamsin's blog and from Kayla's blog  both had such wonderful inspiration.

The party was simple but very cute. Here is a look at his birthday party.  

Here is the invitation I made using PicMonkey. I love PicMonkey, its so easy to use!

 All of the food was related to the book. Which was lots of fruit, crackers and cheese.

Here are the adorable printables from Rachel's blog, which were perfect!

And more Fruit, which Daniel loved!!

I gave the little guys a new cup with their goody bags.

I also got the idea to have the guest fill out a Happy Birthday Wishes sheet for Daniel from Kayla's blog. I thought this would be really nice to add to his memory book. 

I also made signs that say, "Happy First Birthday Daniel", had them printed out & hung everywhere.  

I also taped some wrapping paper with polka dots on the tables to use as table runners.

I love my Hungry Caterpillar Picture Banner, it featured a picture of every month from Daniel's First year. 
I got that idea from  Tamsin's blog, thank you Tamsin!

I loved how his Very Hungry Caterpillar Ice Cream Cake turned out! It was really hot and as soon as we got it out it started to melt. So I tried to snap a few pictures before it melted away. 

                               I thought it was so cute and precious. It was delicious!  

Daniel was so happy, he clapped after we sang to him and after every present he opened. So Precious!!

He loved his cake too!!

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

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