Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Letter {to my one year old}

My little baby is now ONE, I can't believe how fast a year has went by. Celebrating his birthday was a happy event but kind of sad because he is ONE. That means my baby is growing up and sometimes I wish I could just freeze time. This year I have really been trying to savor the moments with him. Because he is No. 5, I do know how fast the kids grow up. In a blink of an eye a whole year has went by.  I know that we will be having new experiences together and that will be exciting in itself, teaching him how to walk, trying new foods and talking...but I'm still a little sad that the baby stage is coming to an end. It just all goes too quickly. So I've decided to write a Birthday Letter to my baby.

My sweet Daniel,
Here is our first picture together. You are just perfect in every way. So precious.

Today you turned one! You are growing up so fast, I can't believe that a year has come and gone. I have treasured all of our moments together from the late night feedings and diaper changes to the cuddling and kisses.

You are such a sweet and gentle little guy. You are very mellow and just go with the flow. Now, that's my kind of baby. You seem to only cry when you are hungry and need to be changed. At night you'd wake up to be changed and eat, then go straight to sleep. Aww.......what a blessing! I think God knew we needed a gentle little guy in our crazy bunch of kids. I'm so blessed to be your mama!

Some special things about you are:

~You got your first tooth when you were 5 months. 

~ You currently have 8 1/2 teeth. 8 1/2 because your top left molar is half way out on one side.

~ Rice Cereal and veggies were your first baby foods that you tried. Fruit soon followed as well as baby Puffs.

~ We soon realized that you loved homemade baby food after you refused to it it from the jars. I made fresh veggies and you ate it up without a fight. Yay!!

~You love to give kisses.

~You can wave Hi & Bye, with both hands at the same time.

~You give High-Fives!

~You can Clap!

~Started army crawling at 7 1/2 months. 

~ Started real crawling at 9 months!

~You are cruising around the furniture. But haven't started walking yet. 

~You have taken one step and then decided it's faster to just crawl. 

~You say dadada, gaw, aah, yaaa, and a couple of times ma.
~You are very serious and seem to always be thinking.

~Sometimes it can be a challenge to get you to look up and smile because you are focusing on what you are doing.

~But when we do get you to smile. You look SO CUTE!!
Love your smile.

I have cherished all of the many moments of your first year.  

And look forward to the many new adventures to come. 

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

I love you to infinity & beyond! 


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