wordless wednesday

My little guy was being so sweet and playful this morning. He was in such a good mood. So I grabbed my phone again and started snapping away. I do have a camera, it's just when these little moments happen you have to act quick. I didn't want to miss it! I couldn't decide on which one I loved the most, so I made a collage. Isn't he so precious! These moments are flying by. He is growing so fast that I wish I could just stop time. I just want to enjoy and soak up every moment with all my children. I only have a couple months left of the infant stage and soon we'll be entering the toddler stage! I'm not ready! I'm not ready to say goodbye to the baby stage. Ready or not, it's gonna happen :(

Ok, I'll stop rambling, after all it's "wordless Wednesday" . 

                                            I'm cherishing these everyday moments!

Happy Wednesday!!


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