Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wordless wednesday

My little guy was being so sweet and playful this morning. He was in such a good mood. So I grabbed my phone again and started snapping away. I do have a camera, it's just when these little moments happen you have to act quick. I didn't want to miss it! I couldn't decide on which one I loved the most, so I made a collage. Isn't he so precious! These moments are flying by. He is growing so fast that I wish I could just stop time. I just want to enjoy and soak up every moment with all my children. I only have a couple months left of the infant stage and soon we'll be entering the toddler stage! I'm not ready! I'm not ready to say goodbye to the baby stage. Ready or not, it's gonna happen :(

Ok, I'll stop rambling, after all it's "wordless Wednesday" . 

                                            I'm cherishing these everyday moments!

Happy Wednesday!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

wordless wednesday

I know it's not Wednesday, but we'll just pretend. :) It has been a busy week with Mother's Day orders and Teacher appreciation week. Anyhow, I really wanted to share this cute photo of my little guy giving his big brother a kiss. He just went over to him and grabbed his brother's face and kissed him. He kept kissing him, so I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture. Who knows if he'd do that again, so I had to be quick.

I hope that they'll always show lots of love to one another. Right now big brother says,"mommy my brother is my best friends!! sweet, it melts my heart :)

                                          I hope you have a great Thursday!! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

what i made monday {DIY} Fingerprint Necklace

A few months ago I saw these beautiful necklaces with your child's fingerprints that Sarah made over on her blog. I LOVE anything that is personalized or has to do with my children's hand or fingerprints. So I definitely wanted to give this a try. I think any mom would love this, so I thought I'd share this beautiful idea since Mother's Day is fast approaching!! Sarah has great tutorial on her blog, so please go check it out!!

I did mine a little different, so I thought I'd share how I made mine. So here's how:


Sculpey Oven Bake Clay( I used Metallic Grey)
necklace chain
jump rings

First your going to take a small piece of clay and roll it into ball. I used metallic grey because 
I thought it looked more like silver. Although you can use any color you'd like.

 Next you'll take your pen and roll it out. Imagine your pen is a small rolling pin. I flattened it out to a oval shape. 

Now, if you don't like it. Just start over till you get your desired shape. You want your clay to be not too thin because you need to have it thick enough for the impression. 

Once you have your desired shape, gently place your child's finger in the clay. And if you make a mistake, just start again till you are happy with how it looks. 

Once you're happy with the impression, take the needle and make a small hole at the top, this will be where you'll attach the jump ring. 
Then you'll place your fingerprint pendant onto a cookie sheet lined with foil.
  Then follow the baking directions on your package from the clay. 
I baked mine at 275 for 15 minutes. 

When it's done, let it cool so it can harden before you attach the jump ring and chain. I used a chain that I had on hand. But you could easily make your own or find a completed one at a craft store. 

And that's it! You have a cute personalized necklace any mom would love. 

Here is my necklace! I have 5 kids so I had to do all of their fingerprints.... I don't think I'll wear all 5 at the same time :)

Happy crafting!! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Michael's 11th Birthday

                          This month we celebrated my oldest son Michael's birthday!
                                             I can't believe how fast he is growing.

He is growing up to be such a sweet young man. 

His birthday was during the week, so he asked me to bring snacks to his class to celebrate. He really doesn't like cupcakes, so he asked me to bring donuts!  He said, " Mom I wasn't sure if you were really going to come to my class, I'm so happy you did!"
Awww.....he melts my heart!

Later that night we took the family out to dinner. Here is a picture of all 5, looking in the right direction for once! This is rare! And they all look happy too, bonus!  Maybe, because they were eating chips & salsa. :)

Here is another one, I had to try and take advantage of the moment! Plus we were sitting in a corner booth and they couldn't escape!... HaHa!

We sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed a yummy warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge!!

He had a party on the weekend with some of his friends playing Lazer Tag!!
He drove race cars with his buddies!!

Having fun on the race track!!

Michael, I can't believe how fast you're growing. I am so proud of you! I love you and thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful son!

Happy Birthday Michael!! 

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