Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Blog Hop!!

Christa from Young & the Restless is hosting a blog hop, and I'm a new blogger. So I thought it would be nice to join and meet new people. 

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So welcome to the new readers!!
Thanks for stopping by :)

young and restless


This week has been really busy which it always is with a big family. So here is a peek at our week. 

The older boys started guitar class after school.  I think Michael liked it except Jimmy didn't enjoy it too much because he was feeling a little sick. He stuck it out though and I'm sure next week he'll have a better time at class.  


Michael loves to draw and he showed me his this new drawing which he named,"GERO". Which I think he could live in "Bikini Bottom"  and join the Sponge Bob family. Michael says that "GERO"is not a Sponge Bob character but is a mythical creature. I still think he could be a Sponge Bob character.
What do you think?

Desiree made Gabriel a PB&J sandwich and thought that the jelly looks like a heart in the middle. 
Can you see it ? 

Dad read to Gabriel while we were at the Dr's. office and  I couldn't believe he sat through three books!
When I read to him he'll sit through barely a paragraph, then he takes the book  & wants to read to me.
                                             I guess Dad has a magical touch! So sweet!

James learned how to say his name and write his name in Chinese.  James is "Jie Rui" in Chinese pronounced "Ji Ree".
Next week he'll learn how to say the rest of the family's name in Chinese.... Should be interesting!

And this little guy turned 6 months this week! Time is flying by,  I can't believe that he is getting so big so quickly. I wish I could freeze time!

I love his sweet!

Brotherly Love!!

Daniel started eating cereal this week, he wasn't too sure about it . 

After a few tries,  he liked it!  I think it was great week!                                                             

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