Saturday, December 10, 2011


I know it's Saturday but better late than never. Here is a peek at our week. Really busy and not too many photos because I've been working in the shop. So here we go.

                        Daniel and I relaxing and playing with my new iphone. Loving instagram!!

 1. Drinking hot cocoa in our Charlie Brown mugs from Knotts Berry Farm!
 2. Writing Santa and Jesus a Christmas letter.
 3. See the face, thats Santa.
 4. And below the three circles that are faces thats G, Santa and Jesus.
 5. So I asked him what does the letter say?
  Little G: It says Santa I love you with all my heart.  And I love Jesus all my heart. Happy Birthday Jesus!
                                       So Sweet he didn't even ask for a gift from Santa. 
 6. All the letters from the kids ready to be delivered to Jesus and Santa!

1.  Little G happy that he gets a ride with Kermit after Christmas shopping.
2. Baby D not so happy waiting for Little G to get done with his ride.
3. Yummy appetizers at our favorite restaurant!!
4. Hubby and I celebrating 12 year Anniversary with the kids.

                               So there you have it a week full of memories and traditions.
  How was your week?

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